Call For Speakers

You are invited to submit an application for our call for presenters.  If you have industry related knowledge we encourage you to submit a proposal.  If selected as a presenter, you will gain visibility in the industry and contribute to advancement in the field. Develop your professional platform and showcase your expertise in one of the largest special events markets in the nation. Gain recognition from industry collegues and gain unparralelled networking opportunities.   

Speaker Benefits - What You Get:

Widen your reputation as an expert in the special events field
Strengthen your company's reputation as a leader in the industry

Receive free event registration
Gain exposure to event planners, caterers, DJs, photographers etc
Post your bio and a link to your site on our website

We are looking for topical sessions that offer a high level of insight, timely and relevant information, and useful resources. This should not be a sales pitch but an informative meeting. 

Submission Guidelines

When suggesting a topic, please make sure:

Your content is interesting and relevent to the special events industry. Conference sessions are meant to educate attendees on current special events innovations, challenges and trends. 

Contact info for the primary speaker of the submission is included. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process and will not consider submissions where we are unable to do this.


Submit your proposal by 11:50pm Eastern, December 30, 2016.
Notify: We will notify you by email about the status of your submission by January 30, 2017.

Tips for submitting a successful proposal

Help us understand why your presentation is the right one for the EventSource101 Expo. Please keep in mind that this event is by and for professionals. All presentations and supporting materials must be respectful, inclusive, and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

  • Be authentic. Your peers need original ideas in real-world scenarios, relevant examples, and knowledge transfer.
  • Give your proposal a simple and straightforward title.
  • Include as much detail about the presentation as possible.
  • If you are proposing a panel, tell us who else would be on it.
  • Keep proposals free of marketing and sales- the goal is to educate and inform.
  • If you are not the speaker, provide the contact information of the person you’re suggesting. 
  • Keep the audience in mind: they’re professional, and already pretty smart.
  • Limit the scope: Keep the topic to in 30-40 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.
  • Explain why people will want to attend and what they’ll take away from it.

Speaker Expectations

If your proposal is selected, we expect you to:

Commit to presenting—no last minute switch outs. Share your presence at the event with your social networks. Speakers that are active online and help drive attendance are more likely to be asked to return to speak again (pending good reviews).

Adhere to schedule and timing.