As a special events professional, your success requires you to remain knowledgable about the industry so that you can continue to attract new clients while impress existing clients. Tirelessly, you comb the internet to find the best products, latest trends and efficient tools at the most reasonable prices. Here is your chance to see it all live and in one place!

What You Will Get

  • Knowledge of the latest tends in the special events industry
  • Discounts on hundreds of products
  • Meet and shop with suppliers to find the best rates
  • Network with event professionals within the Mid-Atlantic East Coast
  • New ideas to impress your clients

What You Will See

  • Live demos that include impeccable designs, the best in lighting design, etc See it live and uplcose
  • Products that you can touch and feel
  • Interactive workshops and training 

March 5, 2017

Hilton Hotel Springfield



​​​    The largest event services and wedding supplies trade show in the  Mid-Atlantic East Coast